The Type 1.5/1.X Magic Mill

Beyond Dominia: The Type 1.5/1.X Magic Mill
The Type I.X Mill is a special section of the most extensive and the last remaining serious Type I discussion area in the world. Treasure and respect the Type I, Type I.X and Casual Mills as your community, for we are the last of a special breed.

Posts on this Mill are assumed to be for COMPETITIVE EXTENDED play. Kindly specify if you are playing I.5 or another format, such as multiplayer Type I.

For competitive Extended play is defined as a reasonably-focused decklist with a well thought out brief explanation. Decks that look like a Sealed Deck or that obviously cannot beat accepted Tier Two will be deleted without notice or moved to the Beginner's Advice Mill.

Players without power rares are easily accommodated; just indicate it to prevent confusion.

Please post your decklists with a readable format and a logical order, especially since multicolor decklists can degenerate into long, confusing lists.

Feel free to post non-deck posts that are related to Type I.X play or general Mill interests, but kindly prefix these as:
"Tournament Report" -- Self explanatory
"Community" -- Type I Mill special vistor concerns
"Primer" -- Drafts of primers and related concerns

Old posts will be deleted or kept based on what it seems to contain, based on the subject line. Beyond Dominia cannot guarantee that threads labeled vaguely ("My deck" and "Black is good," for example), will be archived, regardless of actual content.

Beyond Dominia reserves the right to delete any messages for reasons that include but are not limited to:
1) profanity, vulgar or socially inappropriate content, or unbearable bragging
2) personal attacks
3) public complaints concerning Mill policy and other whining on a privately-owned forum where freedom of speech is a privilege and not a right (the moderators are in a better position to address your concerns if you e-mail first)
4) subject matter that or a person who, from experience, stimulates flame wars, mudslinging and the exchange of insults, or is otherwise a public nuisance (such as "Invincible Counter Troll", "Legend xxx", any deck with Arcane Denial, etc.)
5) content inappropriate to the Mill (decklists of the wrong nature, clearly irrelevant posts, off-topic posts, etc., traditionally excluding Happy Birthday messages) or posts with vague subject lines
6) duplicates of existing active threads
7) multiple decklists on one thread
8) posts with excessive all caps or with subject lines typed in all caps
9) posts written in any language, dialect or code other than English (unless a full translation is provided)
10) deck lists impolitely posted in threads discussing another user's deck list
11) use of "scrub," "random," or "anonymous" as usernames, or long usernames in all caps
12) any other breach of accepted Beyond Dominia standards of mutual courtesy

Beyond Dominia reserves the right to take any action it sees fit against abusive users, such as those posting abusive posts, flaming or abusing aliases to mislead other posters. Action ranges from public censure, the posting of IP addresses, banning of AOL, and site banning without prior notice.

And above all, bow to the might of Rakso, Maintainer and Patriarch of this area and Rules Ayatollah of the Rules Mill, for his vengeance upon spammers, smart alecks and offensive posters is swift and just.

As a courtesy to your fellow Mill denizens, always post your permanent alias and e-mail address. In keeping with mutual respect, kindly take the effort to spell all names correctly (especially more difficult ones such as R-a-k-s-o and A-z-h-r-e-i).

If you've hung around the Mills and had fun doing it, Rakso will be happy to take your application for the Type I Clan's impersonation-proof password benefits. Get your ( )s today!

Before making posts on a well-defined deck archtype, note that you are assumed to be familiar with the relevant resource to guide you regarding the basic concepts:
Beyond Dominia Type I Primers
Link to Burn and Sligh Primer Draft by Rakso
Link to Revised Draw-Go & Forbiddian Primer & Acc Blue by Rakso
Link to Pox Primer Draft by Le_Lepreux and Rakso
Link to RecSur Primer Draft by JPMeyer
Link to Stompy Primer Draft by Rakso

Also, please refer to the following resources before posting questions:
Comprehensive Rules
Crystalkeep Rules and Errata
The Type I Banned and Restricted Lists
Star City Type I articles of Oscar Tan aka Rakso
Star City Type I articles of Darren diBattista aka Azhrei
The Dojo Guide to Basic Deck Construction for Beginners by Mike Flores
Nathan Heiss's The Magic Word Living Archive
#BDChat on Newnet Quotable Quotes

And for emergency announcements, refer to the Beyond Dominia e-group or #bdchat on Newnet