looking for deck "green tide"

Beyond Dominia: The Type 1.5/1.X Magic Mill: looking for deck "green tide"

By stangg on Tuesday, December 11, 2001 - 01:34 am:

im looking for a decklist that i saw here a while ago. it was called green tide and used recycle and abundance and some other stuff to get wacky.

if anyone has a decklist for this or has access to archived posts and could hook me up that would be very cool


By BrianB, the Patron of Elves and Silly Combos (Brianb) on Tuesday, December 11, 2001 - 01:01 pm:


is a link to a report i did last season. It gives a decklist and a description of how to play it. Green Tide is a survival deck, so you can't use it this season. To adjust it for 1.5, you can turn the Touch of Vitae into a Concordant Crossroads. In fact, crossroads is good enough to drop an accolyte or something to make room for 2. For t1, you pick up a mox emerald (for a forest), a lotus (for a cradle), and a fastbond (probably for the creep).

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