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Beyond Dominia: The Type 1.5/1.X Magic Mill: Help on possible CounterOath

By Tantiss on Monday, January 14, 2002 - 04:29 pm:

I'm looking into building a counteroath deck and I was just wondering if it is worth trying to use a Questing Phelddagrif. He flies, grows, becomes pro red/black, so maybe it's worth it.

By shimrod on Monday, January 14, 2002 - 05:46 pm:

Worthwhile oath creatures:
spike feeder
spike weaver
crater hellion
ancient hydra

Ideally, your oath creatures should be able
to off themselves in response to someone
casting plowshares or other remove from game
effects. Otherwise, a plowshare removes
a major part of your deck from the game.

The only creature above that doesn't meet
that criteria is the hellion, but he generally
is used to clear the board, not to kill.

Questing PD doesn't evade plowshares, nor
does he blow up your opponent's permanents,
nor does he stop your opponent from swarming you.

Given two decks that are identical except for griff and morphling, which deck do you think
wins the mirror?

Extended/1.5 removal is usually wrath/plowshares/diablic edict/ bolts. Morphling
avoids all of these except edict. Pheldagrif avoids none except for bolt, which means they bolt you anyway.

So unless the major form of removal in your area is targetted red and black removal,
ditch Questing.

By Tantiss on Monday, January 14, 2002 - 06:06 pm:

Thanks for the advice.

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