1.5 tourney winner at Gameco in Santa Fe...

Beyond Dominia: The Type 1.5/1.X Magic Mill: 1.5 tourney winner at Gameco in Santa Fe...

By Deletehead on Sunday, January 27, 2002 - 11:23 am:

So here's my decklist. It's basically my type 2
deck with 2 Sengirs (Soon to be legal!!!) and
1 Treetop Village...

Critters/Kill cards:15
1 Spiritmonger
2 Sengir Vampire
2 Ebony Treefolk
2 Flametoungue Kavu
4 Wild Mongrel
3 Life/Death
1 Treetop Village

3 Pernicious Deed
4 Terminate
4 Fire/Ice
4 Duress

Mana Smoothers/Card drawing:7
3 Skeletal Scrying
4 Lay of the Land

4 Llanowar Wastes
1 Karplusan Forest
1 Urborg Volcanoe
1 Shivan Oasis
1 Darigaaz's Caldera
1 Tainted Citadel
7 Forest
4 Swamp
3 Mountain

1 Savage Twister
1 Steamclaw
1 Price of Glory
2 Smash
2 Traquil Path
1 Last Rites
1 Hull Breach
1 Magma Vein
4 River Boa
1 Serrated Arrows

Round 1: Dude with R/G deck with BIG critters...

Game 1: The tourney doesn't start out so hot.
I fail to draw Deeds or Terminates and my first
turn Duress is useless as he's holding nada
but big creatures which proceed to smash me into
a bloody pulp...

Game 2: I decide not to sideboard as all my maindeck cards should beat his deck and it was
the right decision. I play second round Mongrel
with Terminate and Flametoungue clearing the path.
He plays a couple of bigger creatures but I've
got a Deed ready to pop followed by mister Monger...

Game 3: Pretty tight with him matching my removal
spells with a horde of creatures. EOTSS(Skeletal
Scrying) nets me a Deed followed by Ebony Treefolk
for the win...


Round 2: U/G deck with River Boas and Phantom Warriors...

Game 1: I play second turn Mongrel he plays a
Boa and a Phantomn Warrior and we proceed to race
until I blow a Deed and drop a Sengir which
goes all the way...

Game 2: He gets an Escape Artist with a Sigil of
Sleep which gives me serious problems early.
He follows it with a Warrior and Boa. I fail to play my deed soon enough and lose...

Game 3: He gets mana screwed despite 2 Birds which
I Fire away. I follow with a Treefolk and Mongrel
which go all the way. He doesn't draw land until
it's too late...


Round 3:Bye...

Round 4: Dude with Goblin deck...

Game 1: Second turn Mongrel turns into a third
turn Death on a Spiritmonger. There isn't a red
deck in existence that can deal with that...

Game 2: Same story with Sengir taking the place
of Monger. I Duress away a Fireblast which he could have used but didn't...

Round 5: Bye...

3-0, 6-2

Round 6: Guy with WW with Pro-Red and Black, Empyrial Armor and Armageddon. This matchup worries me a but Deed gives me confidence that
I can win...

Game 1: This was the toughest game in the entire
tournament and the longest. I fail to play Deed
on time and lose to a swarm including En-Kors and
and Priests w/Armor. He's at about 30 something
due to a first round Soul Warden...

Game 2: I side out 1 Terminate for Serrated Arrows which I never draw but don't need to.
Second turn Mongrel, Third turn Deathed Sengir
which gets Pacified. I follow that with a Treefolk
and Duress him twice netting an Armor and a Geddon. He holds me off with a wall of Essence which I terminate for the win with 2 Mongrels...

Game 3: I Duress first turn for an Armor and follow with a Mongrel. I draw 4 Fires which decimate his attempts at playing early creatures.
He keeps playing critters but I draw a deed and
win with a Life turning my lands into creatures
for the win...


Props to all my opponents for making it interesting. Slops to nobody...

M.V.P. Pernicious Deed: Quite possibly the best
Aggro control card ever...

This deck performed like a well oiled machine.
I never got mana screwed once. Next week is Torment draft so I hope it can be two in a row
with a little luck...

By ScrubTech4L on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 - 06:28 pm:

Do you play against complete and utter morons? or just 10 year olds who stopped playing pokemon? This has to be one of the worst deck lists i've ever seen.

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