Extended Pirulo Draw Go 2.0 (Please Rate)

Beyond Dominia: The Type 1.5/1.X Magic Mill: Extended Pirulo Draw Go 2.0 (Please Rate)

By Falcon Prower aka Morphling on Monday, January 28, 2002 - 02:45 pm:

I think it's quite good, it can even handle enchantments and such annoying permanents with Capsize and Disks.
Though, one doesn't want to look stupid thinking that his deck is good and then biting the dust and getting laughed at.

So, here's the deck for you to rate:

Main Deck
20 Island
2 Thawing Glaciers
4 Standstill <- I use it over Impulse, moreover, most people just ignore it and gimme the cards.
4 Brainstorm
1 Morphling
2 Masticore
3 Treachery
3 Powder Keg
1 Nevinyrral's Disk
3 Capsize
4 Force of Will
4 Force Spike
4 Mana Leak
4 Counterspell

4 Annul
4 Hydroblast
3 Back to Basics
2 Control Magic <-- This is not a stupid pick. It bashes Gro, I checked it out by myself.
2 Propaganda


By nev on Monday, January 28, 2002 - 03:16 pm:

2 Control Magic = 2 legacy's allure
that card owns :>

By Brian Epstein (Briane) on Monday, January 28, 2002 - 03:16 pm:

I'd swap the three Treacheries for 3 more Morphlings. Morphling has positive synergy with Standstill. ;)

I'd lose a Capsize and add another Keg.

Shouldn't the Control Magics be Legacy's Allures? And shouldn't Propoganda be effective against Gro?

By loki on Monday, January 28, 2002 - 05:49 pm:

No more like this
4 Back to Basics
2 Treachery
4 Theiving Magpie
3 Masticore
3 Disrupt
4 Powder Keg
4 Force of Will
4 Counterspell
4 Whispers of the Muse
4 Force of Will
1 Morphling
23 Islands

By Jeremy Edwards on Monday, January 28, 2002 - 07:41 pm:

Hey Loki,

Did you notice you have 8 Force of Wills in your decklist?!

By "Psycho" Cid (Cid) on Monday, January 28, 2002 - 11:02 pm:

Both listings are a bit off. 1.x Forbiddian even looks better...it should come out looking a bit more like this:

16 Island
4 Thawing Glaciers
4 Wasteland

4 Brainstorm
4 Impulse/Standstill

4 Counterspell
4 Force of Will
4 Mana Leak
3 Forbid

2 (free spot)

4 Powder Keg

4 Ophidian
2 Masticore (only 1 if you see more control that aggro)
1 Morphling (2 if you see more control than aggro)

Do not use 4 Brainstorm unless you have enough ways to shuffle/get rid of the excess cards afterwards (Thawing Glaciers, Impulse). Note that Impulse is nice right after a Brainstorm, whereas Standstill is still, of coarse, good...but not as good as drawing 3 not unwanted cards. Use the 2 empty slots as metagame spaces. More counters, more removal/bounce, maindeck b2b...whatever seems to suit the deck best.

By ATW on Tuesday, January 29, 2002 - 12:47 am:

Leave Loki alone. The deck works better with 8 Force of Will. Try it on Apprentice and see. ;-)

I really hate Force Spike. I'd be tempted to run Spiketail Hatchling just to be contrary. Disrupt or Daze are both solid.

Post sideboard the deck doesn't have enough land when you put in Back to Basics. You need 23-24 land with no Thawing Glaciers or cut the Back to Basics.

By BrianB, the Patron of Elves and Silly Combos (Brianb) on Tuesday, January 29, 2002 - 06:37 am:

Standstill is far weaker than impulse. It only works if you can establish board position very quickly (think fish, counterrebels, etc) or if you can use lands to establish your position. Most aggressive decks will play quick threats that you will have to answer, so you can't play standstill. Most control decks can either counter standstill or mitigate it's effect by blowing it during your discard. Impulse, on the other hand, is vital to help you find the answers you need.

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