T1.5 black red deck

Beyond Dominia: The Type 1.5/1.X Magic Mill: T1.5 black red deck

By theFLOW on Monday, February 04, 2002 - 06:55 pm:

i dont have any badlands so i figure the next best thing is the torment duals
i guess it works like mono black but it has burn in it


9 swamp
2 mountain
3 sulfurous springs
4 tainted peak
3 wasteland


4 dark ritual
4 sinkhole
4 hymn to tourach
4 duress
4 lightning bolt
3 incinerate
2 diabolic edict


3 the rack
2 cursed scroll


4 hypnotic specter
3 phyrexian negator
2 blazing specter

i have no idea on a sideboard, i dont think its agressive enough creaturewise
is 3 the racks to much or not
id like any sugestions you have


By Brian Epstein (Briane) on Monday, February 04, 2002 - 09:32 pm:

I'd run your mana base a little more like:
9 Swamp
2 Mountain
4 Sulfurous Springs
3 Urborg Volcano / Rocky Tar Pit
2 Wasteland

I like color consistency, and I worry about Tainted Peak with only 9 Swamps. You don't have many one drops, and many of your early plays are more defensive anyway (Sinkhole, Bolt). Admittedly, you also have some very aggressive ones, like Hymn and Duress. Wasteland is big, but between your discard and Sinkholes, you shouldn't miss them too much.

I'd run the fourth Incinerate over a The Rack (I abhor that grammar), and 2 more Cursed Scrolls instead of the remaining 2 The Racks.

I would swap 2 Blazing Specters and 2 Negators for like, 4 Dauthi Horror so that you've got some early pressure.

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