Green Invasion Draft

Beyond Dominia: The Limited Magic Mill: Green Invasion Draft

By Winky on Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 02:12 am:

Hey, sorry for the delay between these. I'll try to finish the set before Planeshift hits the shelves.
Every time I try to play green I lose, so I gave up on it. I usually draft B/U, if I open a bomb R card I'll go B/R, or if I open something as big as Rout I'll go W/U. Green is my weakest color, but I've played against it alot (:P). So if you guys have somethign you'd do differently please post, and I hope my guide is helpful. Here we go.

Aggressive Urge
I like this, you use it in combat to make a small creature kill a big one or have a creature kill another of the same size. Pretty cool with Thornscape or Sunscape Apprentice.

Saves one effect and draws a card, not that good in most cases.

Blured Mongoose
Just a beatie creature, the untargetable ability is great. I love 2 power 2cc creatures.

Canopy Surge
Stops the fliers, final points of damage, but not quite first pick IMO.

Elfhame Sanctuary
I don't like wasting valuable draws in limited, I would only use this if I got an Obliterate to go with it.

Elvish Champion
Grey Ogre that pumps all the elves in your deck, nice!

Explosive Growth
Makes small things kill large things, or finishes your opponent, it's great!

Fertile Ground
Helps mana, speeds up, pretty good. I just don't like non-creature, non-removal cards that much.

Speeds and helps mana, and it's great with your domain cards.

Jade Leech
Big big big. The mana doesn't hurt much either. It just doesn't do enough for that 10.

Kavu Chameleon
Beefy, and the color change helps a LOT.

Kavu Climber
Cantrip beef is good, I just don't like 3/3's for 5. Better than the Attendants.

Kavu Titan
I think trample is up there with flying in limited. A regenerator can stop any creature...except tramplers. 5/5 is big, and this will plow your way through victory, especially with Armadillo Cloak.

Llanowar Cavalry
I defensive, but I'd rather have a fast powerful creature.

Llanowar Elite
1/1 for 1 is good, believe it or not. Really good with a Maniacle Rage or other creature pump on it.

Llanowar Vangaurd
Worse than cavalry.

Might Weaver
Beatie, but the ability won't be used much.

Molimo, Maro Sorcerer
If your opponent doesn't draw a way to kill it, they will die. If they do, ew. Risky.

Nomadic Elf
This guy is so good because of the 2/2 for 2, but the ability is somewhat useful.

Pincer Spider
2/3 for 3 flyer stopper is great.

Pulse of Llanowar
I have no idea. Sure it helps mana, but is it needed? I don't know.

Quiron Elves
Mana is great, but as a creature it sucks.

Quiron Sentinel
7-9 (depending on how many you have)
If you have 1 of these, you'll probably cast them third turn or burn 1. I have seen a guy get 3-4 of these and cast about 3 creatures turn 3, 2 being 2 power. Strong.

Quiron Trailblazer
I hate these guys, but they get played a lot. You make the call.

Go get your Rout back! Gets creatures, combat tricks, anything you want. I like it.

Rooting Kavu
4/3 for 4 who makes your draws better later in the game. Great!

Saproling Infestation
It probably won't get you that much tokens, don't take it high, and probably don't play it main deck.

Saproling Symbiosis
It is better in the late game, but probably won't get you more than 4-6 creatures.

Scouting Tek
I don't like wasting draws with intentional land.

Serpentine Kavu
Beef. The core creature in any green deck.

Sulam Djinn
Trample is great, and occasional 6/6 trample is monsterous.

I like this a lot. I loved fog in limited, but a 2 turn fog is great!

Thicket Elemental
Great even if you get a small Llanowar Elite with it. If you can get something like a Serpentine Kavu, wow. The card advantage is great, no matter what creature you get.

Thornscape Apprentice
I love tappers, especially ones that can hit for a couple turns until your opponent gets a creature out!

Thornscape Master
YEAH! I love a cheap archmage that doesn't force you to discard.

Treefolk Healer
Great ability, but expensive.

Utopia Tree
Basically a fertile ground that can be killed, but still cool.

Verdeloth the Ancient
4/7 for 6 is great, and for each more mana you spend you get a 2/2 guy, awesome!

Venduran Emissary
Ability won't be used much, but a 2/3 for 3 is good.

Sideboard card, but good one.

Wandering Stream
Life gain isn't that good in limited, except for hero's reunion.

Whip Silk
Kind of helpful, but I don't really like it that much.

I know the whole review is odd, so help!! Note that I'm not comparing the cards to the overall set, just other cards of the color. So a card I gave a 9 to here would be less than a 7 in black, but that's just my views. Make your own and see what you like. Thanks for your time!

By Nevyn, the Village Idiot (Nevyn) on Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 08:37 am:

Well maybe part of the reason you lose with green is you are giving a few cards too much credit.

Most notably, llanowar elite is toilet paper, and should just not make a decent sealed or draft deck.

Elvish Champion is only worthwhile if you get it early in a draft, so you can plan your deck around having elves. Without elves he's a grey ogre( note he doesnt give the ability to himself)

Blurred Mongoose - I too like 2 power for 2 right now, but he's my least favourite of all of them. Who counters a 2 drop anyway? It seems I would want to target him more than my opponent, and once a hill giant hits this guy is a spectator since you can't bluff at pump spells.

As for pulse of llanowar, you would usually rather not have it. If your drafting green and dont already have colour help better than this, something is wrong.

And the cards which you really need to rate lower are the colour helpers. Quirion Elves are great help in sealed, but green is an aggresive colour, and some of these helper spells (except harrow, which improves future draws) are sometimes counterproductive, especially since green gets these compared to blacks removal and red's burn.

The other thing you should note is rarity. Most of the creatures you called good (other than the quirions which are often better not even considered creatures) are uncommon or rare. Compare that to blue with 3 quality common flyers, or black with 3/3 evasion, etc. Green is meant to have the best common beef, and in this set, it doesnt have enough. It's playable in draft purely because it's underdrafted. You can fight someone for black, but NEVER fight them for green.

By dlanod on Thursday, January 25, 2001 - 12:55 pm:

Elvish Champion is a 2/3 for three, blocking Gray Ogres and surviving, which can be a fairly big deal. On the other hand, it has two green mana in the casting cost and can have nasty ramifications if the opponent is playing green. Probably not worth playing it unless you're drafting a w/g/r Grizzly Bear deck.

By Nevyn, the Village Idiot (Nevyn) on Thursday, January 25, 2001 - 04:27 pm:

actually, the champion is a 2/2, thank you very much, meaning he cant block diddly without dying. The only reason to play him is to have an ultra aggresive draft deck loaded with elves (the problem with this being you then NEED the champion, and being a rare, he's hard to guarantee.

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