The Limited Magic Mill

Beyond Dominia: The Limited Magic Mill
Welcome to The Limited Mill.

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This Mill is somewhat different from the rest of the Beyond Dominia areas because it does not deal with Constructed decks. Limited (Sealed Deck and Draft) formats are fun, though, and require different skills and creativity because of the card pool.

This Mill is envisioned to cover Limited-related topics that are not always covered in web-published articles, such as:

1) Construction analysis -- Many tournament reports include only how play went, but not how the player constructed or picked his deck from the available cards, which is often more important.

2) Single card analysis -- As in, "Would you play this card?" Please include the full card information for this kind of post, though, as the number of available cards in a Limited format can strain people's memory.

3) Play analysis -- As in, "what would you have done?" Limited requires being able to squeeze the most out of every card one opens or drafts, and plays you will never be able to make in any other format are normal in Limited, especially creature combat decisions. Please post all relevant data in an easy-to-read format for this kind of post (Player's cards in play, in hand, in graveyard, life total, then the opponent's, for example.)

Beyond Dominia reserves the right to take any action it sees fit against abusive users, such as those posting abusive posts, flaming or abusing aliases to mislead other posters. Action ranges from public censure, the posting of IP addresses, and site banning without prior notice.

Bow to the might of Rakso, Maintainer and Patriarch of this area and Rules Ayatollah of the Rules Mill, for his vengeance upon smart alecks and offensive posters is swift and just.

As a courtesy to your fellow Mill denizens, always post your permanent alias and e-mail address, and never misspell names (especially more difficult ones such as R-a-k-s-o, A-z-h-r-e-i, and n-E-w-O-n-D-a-!-!). And don't use excessive all caps as well!

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