How I did at Prerelease

Beyond Dominia: The Limited Magic Mill: How I did at Prerelease

By Winky on Thursday, February 01, 2001 - 02:11 am:

I didn't like my deck much, it was 4 colors with no green! But i stuck to two main colors with a couple cards in u/w splash. I had a deck full of broken rares, nobody said to go that way, I did it anyway, concerned about having fun because I didn't think about doing that well and I figured I'd drop to do a booster draft after round 4 or 5.

Here's something like my deck:
Shivan Zombie
Hooded Kavu
Caldera Kavu
Kavu Scout
Sinister Strength
Mainacle Rage
Agonizing Demise
Death Bomb
Tribal Flames
Reya Dawnbringer
March of Souls
Thunderscape Master
Crypt Angel
Ertai, the Corrupted
probably some more random creatures
Dromars lair (u/w/b)

I'm not comfortable with 4 colors, but I sit down anyway.

Round 1: some rookie
G1: This guy makes all the wrong plays, I just get out a Maniacle raged creature and exchange blows, then kill some creatures.
G2: Same thing.
Matches 1-0, Games 2-0

Round 2: Some weird looking guy, good though
G1: This guy is playing some u/w control thing and i just overwhelm him.
G2: 2nd turn shivan zombie, 3rd turn sinister strength on it. All he has is benalish trapper. I beat him to 5 and he casts sisay's ingenuity to make his guy black to get rid of mine. I get out a sideboarded in Red planeswalkers enchantment and reveal confound, he goes to 3. He casts thornscape apprentice and excludes it. I activate it and get a land, but eventually it wins it for me.
M: 2-0 G: 4-0

Round 3, Some guy I see at all big tourney's, i'm worried.
G1: I get some stuff out and beat him down early, he has a bad draw. I march of souls while he's at 6. he pops out pyre zombie, i cast crypt angel. I attack with it and flame him while i'm at 5. Phew.
I side in Urborg Shambler :)
G2: I get out Urborg Shambler w/sinister strength and beat him with it. He casts Scuta, I attack, no block. He attack, terminate. He tries to Magma Burst with Kicker, targeting Shambler twice, I tell him he can't and he can askt he judge. He slams his cards down and I beat him. WOW!!! I beat one of the best guys there 2-0, maybe my deck is good.
3-0, 6-0

Round 4: this guy sat next to me when we did our decks, i helped him out, he was a rookie, but his deck was great.
G1: He overwhelms me with creatures. I kill shivan wurm though.
G2: Same, his whole deck is black! :(
3-1, 6-2
Round 5
This is some guy in a really good mood talking about how he's playing down.
G1: This guy had a decent deck, but no real bombs and my cards just wrecked him.
G2: Get ahead of him in creatures then cast Ertai. Ertai counters everything and I beat him down.
4-1, 8-2

Round 6
G1: He overwhelms me with creatures.
G2: I eliminate his nonblack creatures and beat him to death.
G3: Same thing, Reya wins this game.

Round 7: another good looking guy
G1: I get horrible draw (even after mulligan) don't draw black mana, and when i stabilize he routs and eot and recovers a lot faster.
G2: Don't draw Red, He kills me.

5-2, 10,5

So I came in 15th and won a half box. Every time I lost was from drawing no B/R, not blue or white.

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