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Beyond Dominia: The Limited Magic Mill: Sealed PTQ Den Haag

By Commander Greven on Wednesday, February 07, 2001 - 02:59 pm:

I`m a Dutch Magic player and FINALLY there`s a tournament nearby.It`s sealed PTQ with Invasion and Planeshift,but this is my first sealed and I don`t really know good how to play it.I actually wanna WIN so good help is very appreciated

By Winky on Wednesday, February 07, 2001 - 05:18 pm:

You basically need to go with what you get. Unless you get something really good in different colors, Black/Red/Blue are the best colors to go.
Basically there are a few rares that will define what colors you go.
Invasion "Masters." Every one of these abilities is usefull, Blues being the best and White's being the worst. They provide massive creature pump, life change, creature removal, and combat tricks. If you get one, you'll probably go those colors.
Rout. This or the White master would be about the only reason I would ever go white. This is wipes the board for you to serve.
Dragon Legends. Different people fill differently about these, but I think that in a field where 3 colors is normal, they're worth going. Still, watch out, they may die.
Pyre Zombie, Keldon Necropolis, Ghitu Fire, Phyrexian Scuta. These cards make you go these colors. If you open up any one of these, you'll go that color. All of them can win you a game alone.
Terminate. Creature elimination is great, especially when it can target any creature. If you get 2 of these, play black/red no thought.
Basically go black/red/blue. You'll probably get all kinds of removal, which are the most important cards in your deck. If you get a deck with 4-5+ decent removal spells, you'll do really good.
Just keep in mind that there is no perfect deck. I've beaten decks that have Phyrexian Scuta, Pyre Zombie, and tons of other removal spells 2-0. Don't get over confident, and you'll usually do well if you just have fun.

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