White Invasion Draft

Beyond Dominia: The Limited Magic Mill: White Invasion Draft

By Winky on Wednesday, February 07, 2001 - 11:02 pm:

White is a pretty strong color, and with the release of Terminate, er...Planeshift, it will get underdrafted a lot. It won't be hard to build a deck with white that will do really well and win it for you.

Alabaster Leech
The early defense is nice, but not nice enough to screw you over the rest of the game.

Angel of Mercy
There will probably be a lot of controversy of this not getting a 10, but the thing is is that this won't single handedly win it for you. Believe it or not, this thing hasn't done anything for me every time I've played it. Still, it's probably won other players many games. Go with what you think.

Ardent Soldier
I don't like the mana costs for the p/t of this guy at all. It's a quick little creature, but it's just not worth the slot in my deck to me.

Atalya, Samite Master
If you get lots of white, she'll help you out a lot. Still, she's not that good if you don't, and she probably won't win it for you all by herself.

Benalish Emissary
It's pretty good, just too defensive. Nice castign cost and somewhat decent ability, but if you play completely defensive you'll lose.

Benalish Heralds
Ah...a very nice creature that lets you block AND draw a card at the end of your opponents turn, for an average priced power/toughness? YEAH. I really really like this guy, he's the best uncommon creature in the set in my eyes.

Benalish Lancer
A grey orge, but it can be HUGE. I don't care if it's 6 mana, a 4/4 first strike is monsterous in this environment, and if your opponent can't stop it, they'll die.

Benalish Trapper
The core cards in any white deck are these and the tapping apprentices. Every time I see a player win with white, they have 4 or more tappers in their deck. These guys help out in all kinds of situations. First pick.

Blinding Light
This will win you a game every once and a while, but usually it will just sit in your hand. If it weren't a sorcery it would be incredible, but it is, so it's not.

Capashen Unicorn
I don't like the creature, but artifacts/enchantments need to be gone sometimes. I would only sideboard it, I don't like the p/t.

Crimson Acolyte
These are what give a white mage a shot at a r/b mage, plus they do all kinds of cool stuff with Tidal Visionary. If you can get a couple of these and a couple tidal visionaries and a couple tappers, your deck will be REALLY fun.

Crusading Knight
I was kinda hesitant about a 10, but black is so popular right now that this will win you the game almost every time it's drawn against a black mage. I mean, they can't even Terminate it, and it will probably be out of burn range.

Death or Glory
No offense guys, but if this card REALLY helps you out in a draft game, you probably aren't that good. A white mage doesn't let a lot of creatures go into his graveyard. Sure, this will get you a couple creatures sometimes, but that's situational.

Dismantling Blow
Drawing those 2 cards is really helpful, and killing Attendants and other trublesome cards as well is good.

Divine Presence
I don't like this, but it could work if you eally care.

Fight or Flight
This isn't really that useful, but could be in some cases, just not many.

Glimmering Angel
Another key card, if your opponent can't fly then they'll be in BIG trouble.

Global Ruin
5 (but don't really know)
I don't know much, it doesn't seem too useful, but it could be good like how good geddon is in t2. Get board control and Global Ruin. I don't like it just cuz they get to keep some lands.

Harsh Judgement
I don't think you should even play this if your opponent has urza's rage or ghitu fire, but I don't know.

Holy Day
I used to like cards like this, but it just doesn't seem to do much. Still not completely useless though.

I like this alot, there's tons of things you can do with it. Its a lot like confound, except there's even more tricks you can do with it. Still, I just don't play it or see it played. Please post your thoughts on this card if you can.

Obsidian Acolyte
Same as Crimson, helps a ton against black.

Orim's Touch
I don't really like this, but a lot of people do. It pulls combat tricks, and never is completely useless.

Pledge of Loyalty
I don't really like this, I don't see it even as a good sideboard card, at least when compared to other cards you could be using. Still has its uses though.

Prison Barricade
I really like this. A 1/3 for 2 stops a LOT, and it can be bounced easily with planeshift cards. A 4 mana for a 2/4 is pretty good too.

Pure Reflection
Yeah, um, I think that white doesn't have expensive creatures, so you'll play carefully with this and it'd be really hard to make it work.

Rampant Elephant
Kind of nice to kill whatever weenies you want, but it's kind of expensive.

Razorooth Griffin
This guy controls the skies, there's only a couple non-rare fliers that will kill this guy.

Cool little trick plus cantrip, but the cantrip is what makes this card playable. It will decrease a slot in your deck, and maybe kill a creature as well.

Reviving Does
Life gain is horrible in limted unless it's a lot (hero's reunion), a bonus (angel of mercy), or continous (atalya). If it's not of those 3, don't bother.

Rewards of Diversity
I don't really know, it would be a great sideboard card at worst, but may end up being really good. I know I play a lot of multi-colored spells, it would be good against me.

Reya Dawnbringer
I know it's 9 mana, but it's basically 9 mana-win the game if your opponent can't kill it.

Tied for the top 3 Invasion limited cards in my opinion. Wipes the floor and you can recover a lot faster if you're prepared, and if nothing else this will at least save you.

Ruham Djinn
Pretty big, and first strike is cool. Big white creatures don't come a lot.

Samite Ministration
Great sideboard card, a 2 mana reverse damage. Gets brutal against Devouring Strossus, Skizzik, or 4/5 of the dragon legends.

Tie up a creature until it dies, then tie up another one, or tie up a creature until a better one comes along, then tie up that one. Great with tappers.

Spirit of Resistance
Not good enough to build a deck around, but not horrible if you can pull it off.

Spirit Weaver
I like all the Weavers, because their 2/1's for 2. The ability isn't the best, but it's pretty good.

Strength of Unity
I like this, but it still causes card disadvantage if the creature is killed. If it gets +3,+3, it's a pretty good deal.

Sunscape Apprentice
I like the one drops, and the abilities are good. I like the blue one, because you can return cards like emissaries or what not. The green ability is really good too.

Sunscape Master
The masters are all great, and this is one of the best. Bouncing creatures is really good, and you can jack your creatures up to kill. VERY good if it stays alive.

Teferi's Care
Not a lot of enchantments, this is just a deck slot waste.

Wayfering Giant
I don't like this, because it will usually be a 3/4 or 4/5 for 6, but that's not that bad. It's decent, not good, not bad.

There's not a lot of multiples in limited, but still, 2 mana card elim cantrip is good if you can get it to work.

Well there you go. Comments are appreciated, and I'd really like to know what you guys think of some of these cards. How good are Liberate or Global Ruin to you? Thanks!

By Winky on Sunday, February 11, 2001 - 09:14 pm:

Hey, how come nobody is posting? Nobody has any comments, do you all agree or disagree? Please post something :)

By Rakso, the Patriarch and Rules Ayatollah (Rakso) on Monday, February 12, 2001 - 10:05 am:

Angel of Mercy just flies. It's evasion but not THAT gamebreaking.

Atayla, in practice, isn't that amazing as well.

Heralds and Trapper are good, but not 10.

Liberate is trickier than you think.

Wayfaring Giant is fat.

Some of your 10 picks aren't really gamebreaking, you know. A lot of the bombs except Rout here are U/W, not W. :)

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