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Beyond Dominia: The Limited Magic Mill: multi-color apoc draft review

By Winky on Tuesday, July 10, 2001 - 10:08 pm:

This is a review on the multi-colored cards in Apocalypse. It looks like most of the cards get an eight or higher rating, which is pretty much expected because that's what Apocalypse draft is about. You draft your first two packs taking friendly color cards that are consistent, but in Apocalypse you can sacrifice consistency for raw power.

I don't know if it's better to draft a "Dragon-Arch" (i.e. RBU) or two friendly colors and their enemy color (i.e. WGB). The Dragon Arch will keep your deck consistent and more solid overall, but if you go the other way you can end up with a lot of power cards.

RW and RU seems to be the strongest, making RWU a popular color combination right now. Goblin Legionnaire, Captain's Maneuver, Razorfin Hunter, Jilt, Minotaur Illusionist, and Flowstone Charger are all very good. GU and GB are pretty good as well, so GUB is pretty popular too. Jungle Barrier, Gaea's Skyfolk, Consume Strength, Ebony Treefolk, and Temporal Spring are all really good. Finally...BW. Aside from the insanely good rares, BW is horrible for the most part. You can't really rely on rares either, so going BW is a huge risk. Are the rares in BW really worth playing a horrible combination? Depends on the deck, but Desolation Angel can just have mana floated and then terminated or bounced, and Vindicate isn't better than Terminate or Magma Burst (in my opinion.

On to the cards:

AEther Mutation
If I'm paying 5 mana for a sorcery, I expect the game to swing in my favor, and this won't do that often. This is really good, but it's a little expensive for my taste. Try it and see if you like it, it usually won't disappoint you.

Captain's Maneuver
Wow. I've seen this win games so many times. This is potential 2 for 1, it can deal the last few points of damage to an opponent in a stall, or it can make a creature kill itself. This being a surprise makes it a game winner. Great 1st pick.

Consume Strength
This is good, but too limited and just not good enough for a 10. I've seen a good player cast this 3 times in a game before and still not win. It's still better than most of the cards in the set.

I'm not a fan of 5cg, I've never drafted it and probably never will, but if you can get this rolling it will win. All of the abilities put together make this a very strong card.

Death Grasp
Even without the life gaining this deserves a 10 rating. With the life gaining, this is just insane. One of the best cards in the set.

Death Mutation
8 mana sorcery that just kills a creature?? This isn't bad, but 8 mana is just too much. Only play it if you have to.

Ebony Treefolk
Wow. This is huge. A 3/3 for 3 is great in itself, but the special ability is amazing! Very good creature.

Feverent Charge
This is really good. Sure it can get disenchanted and stuff, but if it stays it will probably win it for you. Better if you have a lot of creatures.

Flowstone Charger
I really like this. It's a big wall, but if your opponent doesn't really have any creatures it can attack for a large ammount.

Fungal Shambler
7 mana is a lot, but the ability is good, and I really like trample. There's a lot of stuff that stops it and it's 7 mana, but it can win a lot.

Gaea's Skyfolk
Wow, flying grizzly bears! If you can get 3 or more of these packed with a couple bounce spells your deck will be pretty much unstoppable. Great with Jungle Barrier, as it can control the ground while these fly over.

Gerrard's Verdict
We all know how good this is. Pretty much anything you'll get from this will benefit you, you'll get spells or life. It's also great card advantage. Just make sure you have some way of dealing with Dodecapod.

Goblin Legionnaire
Probably one of the 5 best creatures in the set, this is incredible. It probably won't win a game for you, but fits perfectly into any RW deck.

Goblin Trenches
Man, turning extra lands and mana into creatures is strong! You can attack with your strong creatures then chump with goblin soldiers when they counter-attack, or you can just overwhelm them with 1/1s.

Guided Passage
I know your opponent controls it...but it's 3 for 1 card advantage! You can use a land for just card advantage or many other cards like Overgrown Estate, a creature is a creature, and you can control what spells are in your deck. This is great.

Jungle Barrier
A 2/6 wall is pretty strong in this format, as it can block almost any non-flying creature and survive. It being a cantrip is what makes this really good.

Last Stand
The combination of all the abilities makes this have amazing card advantage. The saps are creatures..which I consider a card. You draw cards off the islands and you can kill a creature with the can get 5 for 1 easily with this.

Lightning Angel
If you're going the colors, this is a wonderful creature. There aren't any non-rare creatures that will block and kill this. This will win if your opponent can't find a removal spell or more than one flyer.

Llanowar Dead
Not as impressive as most of the other multi-colored cards, but it shouldn't be overlooked. A grizzly bear with a special ability is always good, and this ability is actually really good.

Matyrs' Tomb
Whoa, a bad multi-colored card. This isn't completely useless, but the price usually isn't worth it.

Minotaur Illusionist
This will either kill a very large creature or two 'smaller' ones. Amazing.

Mystic Snake
This has been very good for me. I never really liked counterspell in masques block limited, but Exclude and this have effects that give great card advantage and are definitely worth it.

Overgrown Estate
Wow. This will definitely win the game, even if it is disenchanted. Play at least 18 land if you get it, but I would probably go 19 with it, just so it's never useless. If Zuran Orb is so good, why do they keep reprinting it? Troubled Healer, Reaping the Rewards, Tonic Peddler, now this? None are as good, but still!

Pernicious Deed
This is the best limited card in the set. It can kill anything, and it will often kill all of your opponents creatures while a couple of yours survive and beat on them.

Powerstone Minefield
I've seen somebody make this card really good, as it shut down his opponents creatures while he attacked with his 3 toughness creatures and pinged with his Razorfin Hunters. That seems pretty slow, but it shows that it could fit in the right deck and not to overlook it. I still don't know if it's worth it or not because I mauled him with simple speed when I played him.

Prophetic Bolt
This is similar to Annihilate. 5 mana removal spell that draws a card, but this one can be thrown at the head as a finisher and it allows to choose the best card in the top 4 cards of your library instead of just take the top one. One of the best in the set.

Putrid Warrior
This can sometimes be dropped second turn and deal 3 damage a turn, but late in the game it complicates things too much to be reliable. If the ability was optional, it would be good, but what happens if you and your opponent are at 2 life and you have just this in play and he attacks with his 2 1/1s, you block and gain 1 life, and next turn draw scorching lava?

Quicksilver Dagger
I don't like spells that ignore opponents creatures, but this one isn't horrible. I know a lot of people really like this, it's just that I'd much rather play removal. I have played this effectively before, but it was in a deck that had two bombs and a lot of bad cards. It's great in certain situations, but other times it's bad. Fits perfectly on Nightscape Familiar.

Razorfin Hunter
2 mana tim! This is will kill tons of your opponents creatures, exchange your 2/2s with their 3/3s, and deal about 4 points of damage to your opponent. Decks with a multiple number of these will probably win.

Soul Link
There's tons of stories where this won games for people, but it's card disadvantage. If you can get this to gain a lot of life somehow then it's worth it, but usually it stays in your sideboard.

I can think of 3 spells that could kill this: Rout, Terminate, and Recoil. Probably the best creature in the set.

Squee's Embrace
A creature enchantment that isn't distinct card disadvantage. This is really strong and fast, fitting perfectly on 1 mana creatures and Flametounge Kavu.

Squee's Revenge
Magic, believe it or not, is a game of skill rather than luck. If you want to win, don't flip coins, kill creatures!

Suffocating Blast
This is very strong. In constructed it's not that good because you have to have two targets, but in limited if you don't have two targets you'll win anyway. 2 for 1 surprise is amazing.

Temporal Spring
This can Time Walk an opponent in the late game, and it can really damage them in the early game when you're going for a win. Very nice.

This is just a 1 for 1 spell, and it's a sorcery. Good, but not better than all the 2 for 1 spells you can get in the set.

Yavimaya Embrace
8 Mana is a lot, but it steals a creature and gives it trample. Temporal Spring, Jungle Barrier, etc. are better, but this isn't horrible.

Well there you go. I hope I was helpful. Remember, this is how I personally draft the cards, they may not be right or the best, but I've had great success in drafting lately so I guess I must be doing something right. I think the most important things about drafting are to stay somewhat humble, but don't abandon your deck and think it can't win. I've won drafts with some of the worst decks I've seen because I've had confidence and played well. For any questions or comments e-mail me, Kyle Felter, at a***a@t***, or just post on the site. Thanks!

By Nevyn, the Village Idiot (Nevyn) on Wednesday, July 11, 2001 - 10:40 am:

I think you aren't giving enough consideration to how difficult things are to cast and use. This automatically should knock last stand and cromat out of the 10 rating. I also think guided passage was overrated a little. By being a wedge spell, very few decks can play it, and it is only as good as your worst creature and spell. On the whole I would rather have easy to cast removal or a cantrip.

Remember that Soul link can double as creature control of your opponent's creatures, in which case it is not card disadvantage at all. It even pays you off in life if that creature gets used as a chump blocker later. It's not armadillo cloak but it's still a strong card. Lots of fun with plague spitters too (or bloodfire creatures).

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