strong arguement for 20 land in seal deck

Beyond Dominia: The Limited Magic Mill: strong arguement for 20 land in seal deck

By jon on Sunday, September 30, 2001 - 09:57 pm:

this envitoment is very week in in the 1 2 and even 3 mana cards. which makes it imperitive not to miss a land drop.

I did have a good deck but it looked like a pile of high casting cost crap relitive to the other set that have come out. but the high casting costs run straight across the board. no one will be building decks of 1 2 and 3 drops it is impossible even in draft.

I had 2 roar of the worm, 2 chain flinger, and 2 muscle burst. with 1 mongral and 1 werebear in the 2 slot in the 3 slot I had 1 twig walker and 1 patchwork gnomes. then the rest were etiher 4 or 5 CC cards I went RGb with the black being the morbid hunger and B dark banishing dependent on graveyard and tainted pact.

I did have 2 land distruction spells the red kudzo and the rr3 when a creature dies that player sacks a land. let me tell you that was a back breaker a lot of the time. I never did make it to threshhold

my buddy and I played a few more sealed decks with the bosters that I won and I took him very often because I ran 20 land. there are so few bears in this new enviroment and the cc of the flashback is so high in general that it is not too bad to jack up the the land count. plus in blue those cephids that let you draw cards and pitch cards make the make it not such a draw back to have extra land. There are so many effects powered by discard in black red and even green.

By meh on Monday, October 01, 2001 - 08:38 am:

20 is still a ridiculous amount of land in a sealed deck.

By Nevyn, the Village Idiot (Nevyn) on Monday, October 01, 2001 - 09:48 am:

jon , not missing a land drop is important and I can see playing 18 land, but at 20 land, you will be stalling while your opponent finds answers. You need enough threats and threat removal to kill the opponent.17 land is already a higher ratio than you get in constructed (17 land is like 26 in a 60 card deck, 18 is like 27). And you don't want to be hitting your land drops and drawing no spells while your opponent hits 5 lands than drops threat after threat. 20 is just excessive.

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