Apprentice's Sealed vs Real Life

Beyond Dominia: The Limited Magic Mill: Apprentice's Sealed vs Real Life

By szap on Monday, February 04, 2002 - 10:04 pm:

From Randy Buehler's article on

The second thing we do with our pointing values (other than seeing whether the colors are balanced) is to use them as an aid to collation. When we decide where to place the cards on the sheet that gets printed, we make sure that when they?re assembled into booster packs, the packs will have approximately the same power-level worth of cards. We don?t want to have packs where all the cards are bad or packs where all the cards are good, so we make sure each pack has about the same number of points in it. (We call that process ?collation.?)

If Apprentice generates random enough packs, wouldn't this affect play/draft-testing as well? To what degree? I used to try practicing a Sealed Deck by randomly choosing cards from my pile of commons but to my disgust I ended up with lots of Woodland Druids and unbalanced colours.

Any idea how to obtain these "pointing values"? Do our own survey and assign values to them? And then create a better Sealed/Draft generator program? I would gladly help put together a Perl program to do that if I have a better idea of how they choose cards to go into a booster.

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