Casual Draft -- Odyssey/Weatherlight/Exodus

Beyond Dominia: The Limited Magic Mill: Casual Draft -- Odyssey/Weatherlight/Exodus

By pseudosoldier on Sunday, February 10, 2002 - 02:31 pm:

In brainstorming for a casual draft format, I decided that I would acquire some booster boxes for as cheap as possible, and see what I wound up with... I have Odyssey, Italian Weatherlight, and Korean Exodus. This should result in a draft that is *all* about the graveyard, at the least for Black and Green.
The one large problem I will have is that one of our players doesn't know *anything* before Invasion, and none of us speak/read Italian or (esp.) Korean. I have compiled spoiler lists for the cards; the Weatherlight spoiler is alphabetized by Italian name, and the Exodus spoiler is in numerical order. I think we will most likely do a modified Rochester draft so that we can all see and identify the cards at the same time. I'll also likely make this a free draft for my friends.
It will be modified Rochester, as there are only 4-6 of us participating. IIRC, in Rochester you rotate CW, wheel, and end on the first person, right? That should mean we're playing for the cards no one drafted (and probably some Invasion boosters I have lying around).

Any comments or suggestions on this are welcome. I most likely won't get to run it until 2 weeks from now.

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