Invasion Gold Draft

Beyond Dominia: The Limited Magic Mill: Invasion Gold Draft

By Winky on Saturday, December 23, 2000 - 06:23 am:

Hey, this is the third in my series. Gold is an important part of limited, because if you look at the cards without the 2+ color casting costs, the abilities are amazing. 2/2 Pro's for 2, etc. Watch out.

I don't know. Countermagic can be good, but life gaining isn't that incredible. I wouldn't take this over Agonizing Demise, Annihilate, Reckless Spite, Breath of Darigaaz,etc.

Aether Rift
Can be useful, but not really. I don't like the thought of your opponent controls what creatures you play and don't, plus the discard messes up card advantage.

Angelic Shield
Kinda like Spidersilk, but in my opinion the blocking flying is what made that card good. That ability isn't as needed in U/W, but what made Spidersilk so good was that it gave green a defense against it's weakest point. U/W doesn't have to worry about this, and I'd rather use other cards like Repulse and stuff.

Armadillo Cloak
Look, yes if the creature gets killed it's card disavantage. However, I played against a guy with 4 cloaks in his deck and mine had TONS of removal. I felt confident. 2nd turn..Llanowar Knight. My jaw drops. 3rd turn cloak, 4th turn cloak, scoop. Same thing game 2.

Armored Gaurdian
Yeah, this guy's a bomb. Thing is he's so expensive, and the abilities alone will only rarely win the game. If you chug all your mana into this guy, you'll get overwhelmed.

Artifact Mutation
Decent sideboard card, don't take too high.

Aura Mutation
Better than Artifact for when you play against a deck that runs 4 Armadillo Cloaks.

Aura Shards

I prefer removal, but this card is very strong, and I see a lot of people play it over removal.

Barrin's Spite

Blazing Specter
I got this guy and Keldon Necropolis at the prerelease and almost cried cuz I thought I had a horrible deck. This guy is sweet. Lots of viable killers of it though.

Captain Sisay
If you have another legend and you're going these colors, she's great. If not, she sucks. Never take her first.

Cauldron Dance
I loved this card at a draft side tourney at the prerelease (which I won) but I had bombs like Blazing Specter and Cinder Shade to get back.
I don't know about this. If you play a quick deck without much creatures, it's not too good as if you have Strossus or Skizzik.

Charging Troll
Gary Wise says he's the best uncommon creature in the format, but I don't think so. Still extremely strong. 3/3 for 4 regen is sick. Throw in the special ability and it's G/W (slap a cloak on him) and this is one bad brother.

Cinder Shade
This guy is better the Charging Troll I think, pumpage is awesome and the nuke creature ability is INSANE.

Coalition Victory
I don't care what anybody says, NO.

My thought on the dragon legends: take them if they have black in them. A black dragon will win. I won't take them if they don't...I don't want to build a deck around one just for it to get Agonizing Demised.

Black Dragons are cool. Green helps a 3 color deck.

Black Dragon. Sure, he returns himself a lot, but you'll recover a lot faster.

Dueling Grounds
I saw a guy build a deck around this, although he tied a lot. This happens to be the same colors as armadillo cloak, so you'll usually come out on top. Insane with Charging Troll and Travelers Cloak. Sucks if you don't get cards that go well with it though.

Fires of Yavimaya
Great. Part of limited is you think about what your opponent can do. You say "He can attack for so and so much next turn" not expect the Sulam Djinn in his hand.

Frenzied Tilling
I never liked LD in limited, the only time I ever use it is if an opponent has a killer nonbasic land. Keldon Necropolis is vicous to say the least, so this would be worth taking if there's nothing else in the pack you really want.

Galina's Knight
I personally love the 2/2 pro creatures. They work as beat machines and defensive creatures(if going against the right color or you have tidal visionary). These guys can't be killed by scorching lava and can be combined with tidal visionary, so they are good.

I wouldn't really play this card because there aren't cards that go with it. This actually would be awesome with Angelic Shield though. I dunno.

Hero's Reunion
This card was in that guys Dueling Grounds limited deck. I don't know, life gaining sucks, but 2 mana for 7 can't be that bad. You make the call, some people love it, others think it's trash.

Horned Cheetah
Kind of expensive, but W isn't that beaty. Kinda weird the way you look at putting a cloak on this guy. I don't know...I don't like it much.

Hunting Kavu
A 2/3 for 3 is good, and the ability will make them kill him before attacking. Still, it'll hurt keeping 3 mana untapped every turn.

A 2/2 flyer for 4 aint chubby, and if you get ordered migration or dream thrushes this guy is good.

Llanowar Knight
Geez! My nemesis (I almost always play black) Slap a cloak on this guy 3rd turn and the game won't be far away. The only thing they could really do is Breath of Darigaaz, wich won't do anything really.

Not as good in limited as it is in contructed, it'll be in your sideboard for the 4 cloak deck.

Meteor Storm
Yep...discards are rought though.

Noble Panther
Great..but no Keldon Necropolis, Darigaaz, Pyre Zombie, etc.

Ordered Migration
I've had this thing KILL me before. This is just amazing in 3 color decks.

Maybe with 2 Ghitu Fires and an Urza's rage..

Plague Spores
The land kill is better than you think, but this card has sit in my hand while my opponent kills me on 5 mana. Be careful, take Agonizing Demise or what not over it.

Pyre Zombie
WHAT THE HECK?? This guy is insane! Him and Necropolis are the best cards in the format.

Raging Kavu
Tricky unsuspected blocker, or early beats. He's great.

Reckless Assault
This thing is amazing. Kill creatures or finish off opponent.

I want to share a game with you.
He goes first, no plays until my third turn which is a tower drake, he harrows at eot and casts Serpentine Kavu.
Next turn I cast the 2/2 pro green guy and attack with drake. His turn he casts Glimmering Angel (no U mana). My turn, reckless spite attack for 4. His turn Benalish Lancer. My turn, recoil it attack for 4 (he's at 10). His turn casts Lancer again. My turn, Malice, he sccops.
Recoil buys time at no disadvantage, and if they have no cards in hand it destroys any pemanent.

Reviving Vapors
I don't know..

Riptide Crab
Pretty nice, cantrip, fairley priced, nice abilities.

Nonblack...although the ability is cool.

Sabertooth Nishoba
I drafter a foil one of these first pick...but hardly got it out. He's fat, and trample is prob the best ability in limited. Slap a cloak on him and BEAT BEAT BEAT.

Samite Archer
Kinda cool guy, but easily killed.

Seer's Vision
Not for the strength of U/B.

Shivian Zombie
Beatie! Him with Maniale Rage against white = game.

I know some people who love it, I'll prob never play it main deck. You decide.

Sleeper's Robe
Lot of people like it, some people think you're weird for maindecking. For me it depends on the power of my other cards.

Slinking Serpent
Kinda expensive, okay in the sideboard though.

Smoldering Tar
Expensive creature elim (and can only be played as a sorcery :( ) but can win sometimes.

Spinal Embrace

Stalking Assassin
Yeah, Easily killed though.

Sterling Grove
Useful to get cloaks, I dunno though.

Teferi's Moat
Yeah, it can stop alot, but it can be dismantling blowed with kicker. Doesn't do much against white or blue, but wrecks Red and Green.

Weakest Dragon but...a 6/6 flyer for 6.

VERY hard to kill, hits for a lot, and kills dragons. B/R is sick.

Kinda cool trick with U/B, I like it.

Urborg Drake
2/3 flyer for 3 unkillable (black removal) is awesome man.

Vicous Kavu
I like 4/2's for 3.

Vile Consumtion
Kinda hard to build a deck around this.

Vodalian Zombie
Best one, stops grean fat and beats.

Yeah, kills anything, in multiples too.

Voracious Kavu
One guy at the tourneys I go to says this is the best uncommon creature in the set, but I say it's killed too easily.

Wings of Hope
A lot of people like this, I don't. It's strong, but it's not my style.

Yavimaya Barbarian
Probably the weakest of them, it's still good.

Yavimaya Kavu
You'd have to have a LOT of permanents for this guy to be worth it.

Well there ya have it. This is just what I go by, what I think. If you feel differently, please post in a friendly way what you think. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for your time!

By Rakso, the Patriarch and Rules Ayatollah (Rakso) on Saturday, December 23, 2000 - 05:48 pm:

Absorb: Straightforward counter for a color combination that can put it to good use. Simpler than Prohibit.

Angelic Shield: This thing saved my ass half the time today! Limited is a lot about creature combat, so toughness to all creatures (especially blue/white Apprentices and tappers) is big! And a Seal of Removal isn't so bad in Limited!

It's quite like a U/W Fires of Yavimaya!

Aura Shards: If you can use it, it can be great if timed right. Blow up a Maniacal Rage or Armadillo Cloak, and you get something like a Waylay in the middle of combat. :)

Charging Troll: Not 10, though.

Cinder Shade: Most useful if drafting significant black.

Ordered Migration: Amazing enough in a U/W or U/W/x deck with Dream Thrush.

Simoon: I'd do a lot for red mass damage in Sealed and I think this is one of them. It takes timing to play and affects only your opponent. And it clears out those pesky tappers, and even a few things like Dream Thrush, etc.

Sleeper's Robe: I think it's a bit more powerful, though in Sealed, a lot of people will play black.

Urborg Drake: Amazing for the cost, but I note it can't block when really needed to.

By Winky on Tuesday, December 26, 2000 - 01:58 am:

Hey guys, I really like it when you post your opinions on here. We all have our own views and it's great to see the views of more than one person. Thanks Rakso!

By Nevyn, the Village Idiot (Nevyn) on Thursday, December 28, 2000 - 07:46 am:

Been away for awhile and I just had time for a quick look. Aside from making some of those 10's into 9's or 8's, the only thing that jumped on me was a 4 for frenzied tilling.

I would have rated it around six. It is not a guaranteed main deck card, but it is an excellent method of disrupting an opponents coloured mana base while fixing your own. Also, like harrow, this can fetch you one of's of little used basic lands to power up some of your spells, and can fix coloured mana problems. It's not great, but i think 4 is a little low.

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