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By Nevyn, the Village Idiot (Nevyn) on Friday, January 05, 2001 - 08:31 pm:

Once again a limited season is upon us and it seems to me that one reason the limited mill is stagnated is that there is very little pure limited theory to discuss. So once a set matures, what's left is : practice.

There are usually a few articles and several tournament reports that give you the "what would you build/this is what I did" section in them. The problem with this is not all responses and different views can be posted, and usually, by the next day, no one cares about that one, were on to the next one.

For this reason, I propose to post a new sealed card pool here twice a week or so for this limited season, so everyone can post there build/discussion.

What does everyone think? Good Idea?

By Rakso, the Patriarch and Rules Ayatollah (Rakso) on Saturday, January 06, 2001 - 03:57 pm:

Cool. I like it. The problem with this Mill is that people are not very familiar with the cards, so scrolling through a long list is tedious.

But with Sealed popular for the next few weeks, I suppose we won't have a problem.

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