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Jokes about Magic in General

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Jokes about Magic in General

Q) What do you get when you put a Benalish Hero in an Ice Cauldron?
A) Betty Crocker
Submitted by Matthew Anderson
Q) What does Gargamel and a Red Elemental Blast have in common?
A) They both get rid of the Blues
Submitted by David Fernandez
Q) What do you get when you cross Lord of the Pit with Pinky and the Brain?
A) Two little demons ruling the world
Submitted by Annie Somerson
Q) Why does the ocean roar?
A) You'd roar too if you had Giant Oysters on your bottom.
Submitted by Rob Leachman
Q) What do you call cheap cards like Icy Prison?
A) Blue cheese.
Submitted by Nathan Hermecz
Q) What happens if polar kraken gets Flight played on him?
A) Lots of airtraffic jams
Submitted by larz
Q) What do you get when you cross Sisters of the Flame with the Winter Blast?
A) A cold day in heck.
Submitted by Anonymous
Q) What do you get when you cross a nerd with Unholy Armor?
A) Super nerd!!!!!!!
Submitted by Nathan Drackett
Popular Arabian Nights ditty:
Juzam,Juzam,he's our djinn,
if we cast him out,you can't win!
Submitted by A.P.
Q) What do you get when you put a Flight on a Land Leech?
A) Three and a half Leaping Lizards
Submitted by Dan DuBois
Q) Why is Eron the Relentless a freak?
A) How many regenerating creatures have you seen with scars?
Submitted by Anonymous
Q) When will someone slap a "jump" on a "durkwood boars"?
A) When pigs fly
Submitted by J
The Maro (sung to "Tomorrow")
The Maro, The Maro
I love him, the Maro.
He's oh so much fun to play.
The Maro, the Maro,
I summon the Maro
and victory's a draw away. Ugh!
Submitted by Mary Van Tyne
Q) What do you get when a Serra Angel trips?
A) Fallen Angel
Submitted by Anonymous
Q) What d you get when you cross a Witch Hunter with a Storm Cauldron?
A) Witches Brew
Submitted by Jon Palmer
Q) What did the magic freaks say when they went to the library?
A) This is one big deck!
Submitted by Mike
Q) What did the bog wraith say to the wall of shadows?
A) hey man did that hurt!lol there you go there is a little magic the gathering humor for you
Submitted by Coughlin

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