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Exploring the humorous side of the world's most collectable card game
Welcome to the Magic Joke Collection, the net's largest collection of M:tG humor! Here, you will find over 1500 jokes, nicknames, and humorous cards, all pertaining to the collectable card game Magic: the Gathering. Hopefully, you will all find these pages enjoyable - whether you're looking for some good, fun Magic humor, or whether you're looking to laugh at how so many people are making such a big deal about a silly little card game... :)

For you parent types out there, don't worry, all submissions must pass through a gauntlet of judges that make sure that they are appropriate for children, or adults that act like children...

NOTICE: To all of you that have been trying to send me your jokes, The system is still not working. Please, if you wish for me to show your jokes, try sending them directly to me by way of your email. When the system works, I will post it.

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You may want to read the disclaimer, too.. (warning! May actually be funny!)

Top New Submissions -- 10 March 1998 - 1 January 2001
Only the best or funniest submissions will get added to the collection... take a look at the newest list!!

Check out how many "cousins" Tim has, in this huge collection of 600+ nicknames!
Last updated : 27 December 2000

Jokes about Magic in General
"What do you get when you put a Benalish Hero in an Ice Cauldron?" and other various Magic related jokes
Last updated : 9 March 1998

You know you've been . . .
Huge list of 100+ "You know you've been playing too much Magic when..." jokes
Last updated : 31 December 2000

Cool/Funny Card Creations
I cast Department of Funny Walks on my Knights who say 'Ni", and then summon the Energizer Bunny...
Last updated : 1 January 2001

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