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Aisling Leprechaun
Kermit; Green Grocer
Da Bulls
Autumn Willow
Mother Autumn
Avatar of Might
Avatar of Stomping your Opponnent into the Ground; Ace of Spades
Birds of Paradise
Bops; Tweety Birds; Mana Chickens; Mana Pigeons; Birdies; Tweeters `o' Paradise; Budgies; Birds of Target Practice
Chub Toad
Bud; Fat Frog
Super Chicken
Some Assembly Required; The Snooze Button
Craw Giant
Hohoho... Green Giant; Mr. Jolly Lumpkis
Craw Wurm
Fishing Bait; Crawdad
Desert Twister
Summon Let's hear your opponent swear
Elder Druid
Walking twiddle
Elven Archers
Thallid Shooters; Elvis Archers
Elvish Farmer
Salad Eater
Erhnam Djinn
Fanatical Fever
Feral Thallid
Caesar Thallid; Feral Sallad
"He was here a minute ago"; Smog
Force of Nature
Freak of Nature; Bubba; Swamp Thing; Predator; Mongo; Bob
Forgotten Lore
"Uhhhh...What did it say again?"
"Remember... Only the foolish fear Foxfire."
Fungal Bloom
Another one, and another one...
Tim's Pitbull
Fyndhorn Pollen
Elvish acid
Gaea's Liege
Forest Relocation Program; EPA Inspector; Regrowth II; "Plant A Tree Today"; Johnny Appleseed; "Bring Us...A Shrubbery!"
Gargatuan Gorilla
King Kong
Ghazban Ogre
Free Agent; Gasbag Ogre; Trashcan Ogre; Benedict Arnold; Deion Sanders
Grizzly Bears
Da Bearss
Hungry Mist
San Fracisco Smog; Deadly Second-hand smoke
No fly zone
Lady Diana
Ley Druid
Untapping Grandfather; Obi Wan Kenobi
Llanowar Elves
Lawnmower elves; Brain Elves; Manawar Elves; mana(more) elves
"Go ahead. Enchant me. Pretty please?"
Niall Sylvain
Elvis (look at the sideburns!)
Night Soil
Salad Bar; Bed Poo
"Well, I'm, sure they'll stop when they see that we're not moving."
Pygmy Allosaurus
"Mom, can we keep him? Please?"
Quirion Elves
Technicolor Elves
Rabid Wombat
Wascally Wombat
Desert Meister; Tim throwing a temper tantrum
Scaled Wurm
Fishing Bait; T-Rex
Scavenger Folk
Drug Dealer
Scryb Sprites
Scrubs; Scribbies; Scab Sprites; Cherry-Pickers
Shambling Strider
Wolverine on 'roids; Muttley; Hunchback of Notre Dame
Stink; Swimming in cold water; Honey, I...
Spectral Bears
Transparent Teddies
Poor man's onulet
Salad Bowler; Thallid Jones
Thallid Devourer
All you can eat salad bar
Thicket Basilisk
Creature Sweeper
Thorn Thallid
Tim on 'shrooms; Thallid Shooter; Toss Thallid; Salad Shooter, Fungal Flak; Slow Tim; Tim on a Timer
Censorship of the 'Net
Tinder Wall
"Shut-up! Your ruining it!"
Bad Breath
Veduran Enchantress
Vernon's Enchantress; The Blonde
War Mammoth
Wally the Wonder Mammoth
Wild Dogs
Rin Tin Tin
Wormwood Treefolk
Uglywood Treefolk
Yavimaya Gnats
"Ha-ha! You'll never get rid of this card!"


Aerathi Berserker
The Ragin' Cajun
Ali From Cairo
Lightning Rod
Ambush Party
Surprise, I'm attacking!
Anaba Ancestor
Spectral Beef
Anaba Bodyguard
Sirloin; Tenderizer
Anaba Shaman
Timotaur; Timburger; Tim with horns; "When played with a regular Tim: One Tim, Two Tim, Red Tim, Blue Tim"; I like "Ana"; Tim having a cow?; Minotaur Tim; Cow Prod; HornyTim; Wannabe Shaman; Ana Ng (They Might be Giants song); Cow-poke; Red Tim
Anaba Spiritcrafter
Beef Buffer
Grover; Barney on acid
Ball Lightning
Sparky; great balls of fire!!!; flaming balls
Bird Maiden
Maya; Pocahontas
Brother's of Fire
Tim's Big Brothers; Blowtorch, inc.; the Blowtorch Brothers
Chain Lightning
Pain Lightning
Adam Sandler; Summon Friend (as in "Friends", on TV)
"This land is your land, this land is my land, etc.."
Where did my skin go?
Dragon Whelp
Dragon Wimp; Squeeky; Dragon Grenade; Poor Man's Shivan; Suborbital Tactical Nuke; "Peep! Peep! RRRRROAAAAAR!!!!!"; Whelpy Whelpy!; Tweety byrd; Dragon Whimp; the atomic dragon; Kamikaze
Dwarven Warriors
Earth Elemental
Pudgie; Constipation Man; Summon Sumo Wrestler; Sumo Boy; Yokozuna
Eron the Relentless
Eric the Red; Boot to the Head; Axel Rose
Hot Cross Tim; Goodness, gracious, great balls o' fire!; Hodouken!!!; Crispy Critters
Bad Breath
Fire Elemental
Fire Babe; ooh she's hot; The Cheerleader
Bulldozer; Hole in ground; "watch where you step"; Big-Fat-Crack
Giant Strength
Goblins of the Flarg
The Hendersons
Goblin Flotilla
Noah's commandos; These boats were made for walkin'
Goblin Grenade
"Here, take this and run over there!"; Hot potatoe; The suicide bomber; Iranian Magic; Unabomber
Goblin Snowman
Hill Giant
Hurloon Minutaur
Ground Chuck
"Toasty!" (MK2 voice)
Burning doggies; Kid with matches; Flying, flaming dog!
TIDAL WAVEEEEE; Nevinyrral's Bad Hair Day; Reset; Temper Tantrum
Alice Cooper
Keldon Warlord
Keldon Snorelord; Captain Kirk; "I have a big sword"; Keldon Plague-rat
Kird Ape
Koko; Bobo; Cheese Monkey; Crud Ape; Turd Ape
Lightning Bolt
"ping"; "Zapped for three"; "Booyah!"
Mana Clash
Suicide token
Mana Flare
Damn it, I hate math; Hemorrhoid flare-up
Marton Stromgald
Target Pratice; Marty
Meteor Shower
Algebraic Death
Mountain Goat
Mountain Yeti
Orcish Artillery/Cannonneers
The Tim Brigade; Tim Platoon; Tim Armada; Summon 12-Gauge (shotgun); Tim's Really Ugly Mother In Law; Masochist Tim; The Gunslinger
Orcish Captain
Orcish Conscripts
Orcish Nose-Pickers; Mummy's little Nose Miners
Orcish Farmer
The Babe
Orcish Librarian
"Take it , PLEEASSEE!"
Orcish Lumberjacks
The poor man's lotus
Orcish Spy
Peeping Tom
Low self-esteem; overgrown cow
Extra Strength Raid; Weenie Roast
Shivan Dragon
Deep Hurting; Counterspell Magnet; "Oh, Bugger..."; Mr. Happy; Puff on steroids; Chivas Regal
Sqee, Goblin Nabob
George W. Bush
Stone Giant
The Quarterback; Upchuck; "Atogs away"
Uthden Troll
Chuck; Ross Perot; Ferengi; Quark (from DS9); Oi Oi, Popeye
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fish; Beef; "It's time for America's most popular game show..."


Abbey Gargoyles
Disney at it's most violent
Akron Legionaire
Ball Hog
Amrou Kithkin
Angry Mob
Angry Slobs
Arenson's Aura
"Do not leave bag within reach of children three years or younger"
Argivian Archaeologist
Indy; Indiana; Archie
Aysen Bureaucrats
Brien Mulrouney & Friends; politicians
Benalish Hero
Ensign Expendable; Disposable Hero; Banana Hero; Sigourney; Belinda the Hero; Benalish Martyr; Red Shirt "From Star Trek"; Lady Jaye
Blinking Spirit
Blinky; Summon: LED; Summon: Timing rules lawyers
Call to Arms
Racist Crusade
Capashen Knight
"Hopefully he looks so scary that no one will attack him anyway"
Circle of Protections
Police (as in CoP); Let's play "chicken"
Cirlcle of Protection: Artifacts
Bomb Shelter
Circle of Protection: Black
Pit Lord Insurance
Circle of Protection: Red
Smoke Detector
D'Evanant Archer
Tim's Girlfriend; Frontline Tim
Thanksgiving Dinner Plate
Elder Land Wurm
Elder Sandworm
Enduring Renewal
Unendearing Reusal; recycler
Errand of Duty
The Draft; Wake-up call
Farrel's Zealot
Farrel's Jello; Baldy
Farrelite Priest
Pope John Paul 2
Hand of Justice
Judge Eto; Green Guy; The Man with The Hand
Holy Day
White Fog
Icatian Javelineer
Tim in training; Tim for a day; Tim with a stick; Tim on a stick; Tim's Derringer; Icatian Hookers; Tim, Jr.
Icatian Phalanx
Icatian Phallus
Island Sancturary
Club Med
Kjeldoran Skycaptain
Kjeldoran Skyscraper
Kjeldoran Skyknight
He slices! He dices! He juices!
Land Tax
Income Tax + GST
Suicidal wierdo; "No, listen, you're not alone. We can help you."
Mesa Pegasus
"Flying Burritos"
Miracle Worker
Mtenda Griffin
Return of the Griffin
Northern Paladin
Order of Leitbur
Order of Light Beer; Budweiser Brigade; The Reformed Order of the Ebon Hand; Department of Labor
Petra Sphinx
Psychic Hotline
The Reverend Elvis
Retribution of the Meek
Wrath of a Lesser God
Reverse Polarity
Reverse Poultry
Samite Healer
Sammy; CoP: Tim; The Anti-Tim; Spamite Healer; Al (as is "I don't think so Tim" from Home Improvement); Sodomite Healer
Savannah Lions
Simba; White Vice
Mine!; Shutdown Angel
Serra Angel
Holly lujah [hallelujah]; Babe-a-licious; Kay Serra Serra; Serra Babe; Miss America; Steph; Serra Lee
Snow Hound
Lassie (because she saves Timmy from death every game); Rescue Ranger
Swords to Plowshares
Farming; Stop Sign; Elvis has left the building; STP; "You need a vacation!"
Thunder Spirit
Turkey Spirit
Veteran Bodyguard
Jean Claude (Van Damme); Captain Kirk; Serra's Boyfriend
Wall of Swords
"It slices...It Dices..."; Flying Cuisinart
Witch Hunter
Tim in Drag; Tim the Evangelist; Tim Elemental (combo Tim and Time Elemental)
Wrath of God


Force of Nature, Colossus of Sardia, Lord of the pit, Leviathan, etc. . .
The New York Giants
Invisible Juggernaut
"The Ninja-MobileTM: Ninja cloaking device: ON!!"
1 point of damage
"poke"; "Plink"; "Ow! - Quit it"
Basilisk with Regeneration or Maze of Ith
"slurp" (from the noise made by its owner when attacking)
IA multis
Pain Lands; Ouch Multis.
Nevinnerals Disk with Zuran Orb
Any large creature (Marjan, Craw Giant, Shivan, etc.)
"Summon Counterspell"
Channel-Fireball combo
Suplex; Death by Fromage
1st turn Dark Ritual-Hipnotic Specter combo
"Get ready to suck two and then lose your Serra"
Library of Leng and Demonic Tutor
The Yellow Pages
First Turn - Dark Ritual, Pox in a 30 pt. - 7 player game
Hey, Look at the idiot!; summon death
Urza's Mine, Urza's Tower, Urza's Power Plant
The UrzaTron; Urza's Real Estate
Jester's Cap + Jester's Mask
Jester's Garb
Mishra's Factory/Workshop
Mishra's Industrial Park
Alladin's Ring/lamp
Alladin's Toys
Magic: the Gathering
Paper Crack; Money the gathering, magic the goatherding

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